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Bill Frist Has Announced He IS NOT Running For President

Or at least, he may as well make that announcement.

Let's review his final week of the legislative term:

:the Energy Bill seems destined to finally pass tomorrow, but WITHOUT provisions for Gulf Coast drilling and ANWAR exploration

:John Bolton seems destined for a recess appointment, rather than continuing the silly game the Senate has been playing with his nomination for the last several months

:and the good Senator announced today that he's going to back increased federal funding for embryonic stem cell research

The first two reflect an ineptitude at managing his own caucus, which shows a lack of leadership--not a good trait in a Presidential candidate; and the last is just a strange political maneuver that distances him from a President that is very popular with the GOP base--not smart politics for a Presidential candidate.

Still, I suppose the delusional state that Senators seem to arrive at after being in the Senate for a while could be too strong a trip for him to deny that shot at higher office.

At least he'll stay busy until about February, 2008.

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