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At Some Point, The Muslims Are Going To Have To Stop This

Thirty-two people, most of them children, were killed yesterday when a suicide bomber exploded his car beside a convoy of American soldiers handing out sweets in a Baghdad suburb.

The blast left the street covered in pools of blood, mangled bicycles and the corpses of the young, many still clutching blue-wrapped chocolate bars.

There is no ideology that can long sustain itself on simple, indiscriminate hate; eventually, it must either extinguish itself or be extinguished by those closest to it. And until and unless the Muslim community at large decides that they have had enough of this--not just the killing of their own innocents, but the dominance of the perception that Islam promotes a culture of death--then such atrocities will continue, and will increasingly effect the Muslim community.

I am encouraged by this observation by one of the by-standers to this tragedy:

"Children are the most innocent," said Henan Hafidh, who has two sons. "That is no Muslim who did this. It is evil. I feel so strongly for the loss to their families." [emphasis mine]

I hope that begins to be more widespread, and the repercussions for perpetrating evil begin to be exacted by the Muslim community itself.

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