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A Voice Of Reason

A little stir has been started in the Alliance by this writing by Chad, the Elder:

By the way, if the granola crunchin', tree huggin', snow boardin', Coors swillin' bloggers from Colorado want to participate in some sort of a challenge with us, we say (in a John Kerryesque voice), "Bring It On."

I hasten to remind my brothers that we should be slow to escalate this foolishness. After all, The Elder is a confirmed drunk who is only now beginning to emerge from the long, hard Minnesota winter.

And, if I may edit, isn't one of the three great rules "Never get involved in a land war in Minnesota?" We should be prudent in our approach to this challenge.

Besides which, until and unless the Elder emerges from the Minnesota State Fair, with its assortment of fried delicacies (fried candy bars!?!?!) without a major cardiac event, we should just let nature take its course. Later, we can tapdance on the grave of this challenge.

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