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Two Birds With One Stone?

I wonder if, in the discussion of raising the retirement age, anybody has considered what that might do for the employment rate.

Think about it--if older workers stay in their positions longer, the promotion of the middle-aged workers will be delayed, which will have a domino effect on down the ranks of workers. One possible outome is that students--teenagers--will have a more difficult time finding non-labor jobs. That will likely have to accept working for low wages in difficult conditions while earning their way to a more . . .

Oh, wait a second. Aren't those the same jobs that are today filled by illegal aliens? These are the jobs that Americans are unwilling to do?

I don't know for sure if my analysis is correct. God knows I'm no economist. But if there's even a tiny shred of legitimacy in my thinking, wouldn't that take away the one good economic argument in favor of illegal immigration?

Of course, it will never happen. It requires two things: people to work longer, and people to be legal. Two things the Left can never abide.

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