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Supreme Court Follies

I was going to reserve comment on the Supreme Court rulings in the Kentucky and Texas Ten Commandments cases until I had a chance to actually read the rulings.

And then I saw that there were SEVEN of them.

Seven. Out of nine Justices, seven of them decided to write about Kentucky.

And then I noticed that the judges split their positions on the two cases--okay, to be fair, Justice Breyer split his position on the two cases.

And then I decided not to waste my time on these decisions. Why? Because these really settled nothing.

If every case of a display of religious icons is subject to a case-by-case review, then the Court will be very busy. VERY. And no one can know with any certainty at all which way the Court will go on any given case.

This decision actually does guarantee one thing, I suppose. It guarantees that the ACLU will be in business for a long, LONG time.

I think this muddle of a decision may also make it easier for the President to push for strong conservatives to replace any and all retiring Justices.

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