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Rich Lowry Goes On A Rant

Thanks to RealClearPolitics, I ran across this column by Rich Lowry. Again, not hard in the way of facts and figures, but, while it will infuriate you to learn what Planned Parenthood is up to these days, it is very amusing just to read the contempt dripping from Lowry's able pen.

To sample:

Why would a feminist organization not be eager to cooperate in a fight against the sexual exploitation of young girls? Well, Planned Parenthood represents that wing of the feminist movement billed as ''sex positive.'' Although that phrase doesn't quite capture it. Planned Parenthood is developing the ''statutory rape-positive'' wing of feminism.
These feminists are unwilling to pass judgment on any sex in any circumstances, don't care if parents are cut out of the equation entirely, believe the right to an abortion trumps any other consideration, and embrace a notion of privacy so sweeping it includes men who have, under law, raped their young sexual partners. If only Michael Jackson were interested in girls instead of boys, he might, in the right circumstances, have a friend in Planned Parenthood.

Totally worth the read.

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