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On Public Schools and The Real World

I'm always happy to read when somebody wants to put a little accountability for this country's education debacles back in the laps of some of the OTHER people who deserve it. And, while nothing substantive is in this article, it is worth the read just for the "pulling-the-tail-of-the-tiger" quality it conveys. Just to sample:

Did I really think we'd fit in at a school so posh that stolen wallets are considered a fabulous extra benefit of diversity? By that point, I was so dazzled by the five years of Latin and glamorous aura of Gatsby-like privilege that I wasn't thinking. . .

No, when it comes to living in a parental fantasy and, we're talking about my generation. And public schools won't improve until even pseudo-populist parents like that TV writer, whose children are somewhat sheltered from bad classrooms and worse teachers, face facts.

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