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Governor Owens' Future

I think the timing is aout right to start considering the future of our Governor. Once at the top of the list for 2008 Presidential aspirations, he seems to have lost some of his luster after the legislature went Dem and then he cooperated on Referendum C. I think, based on my limited contacts, that state GOP-ers are understandably . . . what's the word? . . bothered by Ref C, and I think the national people are starting to notice, as well.

Then something happened. Gov. Bill Owens sort of dropped off the national radar and now faces perhaps his toughest task: persuading Colorado voters to give up $3.1 billion in tax refunds over the next five years to help bring the state out of the red.

Owens will be doing his lobbying alongside Democrats, who took over both houses of the Legislature this year for the first time in 44 years. The two sides worked together to come up with the November ballot proposal, something that angered more conservative members of the GOP.

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