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For Once, I Agree

The Denver Post lead editorial this morning goes a little something like this:

After three strikes, John Bolton is not quite out as President Bush's nominee as U.S. ambassador to the United Nations. But the time has clearly come for the president to call the bluff of Bolton's Senate critics by releasing information they have sought about his actions.

Democrats have promised an up-or-down vote after they receive that information. Bush should give them what they've asked for - it seems germane - and hold them to their word.

This is what I counselled a couple days ago, after the latest failure of the Senate to fulfull its Constitutional duty. But where I part with the Post is their assumption that the Senate Democrats will hold to their word. Unfortunately, we've seen the Dems consistently move the bar to different locations on the game board, and I can sympathize with the administrations frustration and desire to stop playing this childish parlaimentary game.

Unfortunately, the children seem intent on holding on to their ball and not letting anybody play until the admin acquiesces on this. So give them what they want--BUT START THE FULL-COURT PR PRESS NOW. It's time this administration stopped bumbling around with the public relations game and took their case directly to the people and forcefully called the Dems hand.

This has become, in my eyes, just another instance in which the administration has been left way behind in the all-important PR wars. Sometimes it seems as if they haven't had an effective strategy (with, of course, the notable exception of the election) since Karen Hughes left the administration a couple years ago.

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