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When You Have No Good Argument . . .

of your own, you have to either resort to lying, censoring, or thuggery. And sometimes all three. And sometimes the state will help you out.

This is the first in what is going to be a series of posts on this topic.

If you don't think I've got a point, check out the story of what happened to a group of people who came together to discuss how to put an end to Denver's policy of sanctuary for illegal immigrants. Check out how this goup got kicked out of a bar they had made a meeting reservation at after the kitchen manager came out of his kitchen and got beligerent with them. Check out how, after removing themselves to a Westminster park, a police officer then kicked them out of the park.

Oh, wait. You can't check this out . . . because this story is getting ZERO press coverage!!

Do you think that would be the case if, instead of trying to end Sanctuary, if this group had come together to plan Cinco de Mayo activities? Yeah, me neither.

As I get more info and more links, I'll follow this story around to wherever it goes.

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