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Well, That Didn't Take Long

Senate Democrats have demonstrated their willingness to work together on the nation's agenda and rebuilding an atmosphere of trust and comity by . . . wait for it. . .FILIBUSTERING THE FIRST AGENDA ITEM AFTER PRISCILLA OWEN.

After hours of heated exchanges, the Senate failed Thursday evening to close off debate on President Bush's nomination of John R. Bolton to be ambassador to the United Nations.

The cloture vote would have paved the way for a vote on whether to confirm the controversial nominee.

Republicans needed 60 votes to end debate. They fell short by four, 56-42. The split was mostly along party lines.

And while there is a memo out there (according to FOXNews) from Biden to his colleagues stressing that this IS NOT a filibuster, Harry Reid kinda blew that play by calling it just that:

"This is the first filibuster of the year, and maybe the last. [I] hope so," the Nevada Democrat said.

Now they go on break for a week, and then come back to dither some more.


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