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This Could Get You Sent To TimeOut

People for the American Way and other groups are sponsoring a conference this weekend in New York to get a grip on the threat posed by the religious right, according to the Washington Times.

Secular humanists and leftist activists convened here over the weekend to strategize how to counter what they contend is a growing political threat from Christian conservatives.

Understanding and answering the "religious far right" that propelled President Bush's re-election is key to preventing a "theocracy" from governing the nation, speakers argued at a weekend conference.

This is all pretty predictable and boring, until you get to the last couple paragraphs.

. . .Others, however, said such scorn is not helpful.

"If we are going to ask the Christian right to stop engaging in demonization, we need to inspect some of our own language," Chip Berlet of the human rights watchdog Political Research Associates said in his talk Friday night.

"I'm uncomfortable when I hear people of sincere religious faith described as religious political extremists," he said. "What does that term mean? It's a term of derision that says we're good and they're bad. There is no content."

Afterward, in an interview, Mr. Berlet added: "The Democrats do just as much name-calling as the right. It's great for fundraising. [But] it's a heck of a way of building a social progressive movement."

Um, Mr. Berlet--please turn in your guest pass. You will soon be escorted off the scene. I'm surprised the crowd didn't start booing and hissing and throwing stuff at him.

Of course, I'm having a hard time recalling the last time someone from the so-called "religious right" resorted to name-calling, but that's beside the point. The point is that the vitriol from the left must be particularly bad if one of their own even notices it, and comments about it in public. Not that we needed to be told this, it's just kinda, well, ironic, I guess.

But then, we are just a bunch of simple-minded sheep.

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