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Kinda Like Winning A ShootOut in Soccer

It's not pretty, it does nothing to burnish anybody's image as "dominant", and the other team will forever shine about the rules of the game rather than the game. But, in the end, it still goes in the "win" column.

That's kinda how I look at the Senate Foreign Relations Committee vote yesterday to pass through John Bolton to the floor of the Senate without recommendation.

This all hinged on the personal whim of the Senator from Ohio, John Voinovich, and, in the end, became an ugly kerfuffle that shows that the GOP Leadership in the Senate is only just barely able to hold its ranks together. But, in the end, this will go to the floor, and John Bolton will go up to the U.N. to represent America's interests.

One can only hope that he lives up to the worst of his reputation and very "undiplomatically" calls on the corrupt bureaucracy to reform or to get out of the game.

Given the U.N.'s track record, if it were me, I'd be happy sending Bobby Knight to represent the U.S. at Turtle Bay. Honestly, an organization that sanctions and protects rapists, embezzlers, and legitimizes regimes like Sudan and Libya deserves to be spoken to harshly.

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