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I Got Your Renovation

John Hinderocker writes on the U.N.'s ambitious plans for itself, courtesy the U.S. taxpayer:

In the midst of these controversies, the United Nations is proceeding with plans to upgrade its Manhattan headquarters. The organization's headquarters at Turtle Bay were completed in 1950 and renovated in the 1970s. The United Nations now believes that another renovation project is necessary, and has prepared a $1.2 billion plan to carry out the work.

While the construction is underway, the organization will need to be housed elsewhere. In its original form, the U.N. plan included construction of a new, 35-story building over Robert Moses Playground, a park near Turtle Bay, at a cost of an additional $650 million. This new building was slated to be the U.N.'s home during the renovation project, and to continue in use by the organization thereafter.

It begs the question: how much would the total cost be to relocate the U.N. headquarters to Brussels or Geneva? If they have to build a new building anyway, why not do it somewhere else? I'd be pretty happy to spend $1.2 billion, if, at the end of it, Kofi and his Gang of Incompetents were off of our shores.

Better yet, let's move the U.N. to the Sudan, Iran or North Korea. Perhaps then this pointless organization would be willing to look at the REAL injustices going on in the world and get off our back.

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