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First Reactions

I was scheduled to go in to my county GOP headquarters today to help get out a big mailing. Below is the text of the e-mail I just sent.

Dear Fellow Republican--

I am scheduled to come in and help stuff envelopes today. Unfortunately, in light of what the Republican Party has come to stand for, I can not, in good conscience, devote my time to that effort on this day.

When a small group of seven GOP Senators joins hands with their colleagues across the aisle to throw the Constitution overboard in the interest of Senate "comity," I have to wonder whether this party stands for anything worth fighting for. I have devoted countless hours over the last several years to getting Republicans elected, especially to the U.S. Senate, on the theory that majorities matter, and that only majorities can accomplish the agenda that I agree with. Apparently, I was wrong. Majorities, apparently, are not enough to accomplish anything within this party, and I think I can spend my time much more productively at the driving range than in the GOP office today.

Please, I encourage you to forward this e-mail to the offices of Sen. Frist and the NRSC.



It's just a small gesture, but those tend to add up. And if the frustration I sense in the blogosphere begins to manifest itself in ways like this across the country, our elected representatives may actually notice.

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