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And Speaking of Delusional . . .

Harry Reid came out yesterday with scathing critique of the GOP.

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid yesterday in a speech laying out Democrats' agenda accused Republican leaders of being so consumed with partisan political "sniping" that they've neglected a troubled economy and a weak national defense.

"Democrats are the party of national security," Mr. Reid said at the National Press Club. "And we have an agenda to defend America from danger."

First of all, this "troubled" economy is only so in the minds of Democrats. Unemployment down around 5.4%, growth revised yesterday upwards to 3.5% for the 1t quarter, and the stock market finally showing signs of life, with the Dow closing over 10,500 and the NASDAQ back over 2,000 yesterday. By any numerical measure, the economy is just fine, Senor Senator.

And "the party of national security?" Don't make me laugh.

But, seriously, what is this ambitious agenda the Democratic leader is touting?

Specifically, Mr. Reid said Democrats want to increase the military by 40,000 troops, raise the minimum wage and allow cheaper generic drugs to be imported even if they violate patents held by American drug makers.

Well, okay. So this is the big agenda? Grow the military even though the military brass itself doesn't think we need to, raise the minimum wage to be a bigger burden on business and put more people out of jobs, and all but guarantee that the most robust drug R&D in the world comes to a screeching halt.

Good agenda. Whoo-hoo.

And they wonder why they're a minority. I only spend an hour a day thinking about this stuff, and I can think of a dozen items that the Dems could put up as an agenda that would dwarf all three of these ideas. In fact, maybe I'll do that later, as an exercise in Dem-think. I welcome ideas from the peanut gallery for this list, later on tonight.

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