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Well, Duh.

An analysis by a Democratic think tank argues that Democrats are suffering from a severe "parent gap" among married people with children, who say the entertainment industry is lowering the moral standards of the country.
The study, published last week by the Progressive Policy Institute (PPI), the policy arm of the centrist Democratic Leadership Council, admonishes Democrats to pay more attention to parental concerns about "morally corrosive forces in the culture," and warns that the party will not fare better with this pivotal voting bloc until they do.

Okay, that's all well and good that there's that problem. Indeed, the article goes on to mention Hillary's newfound outreach to pro-life forces, and notes that Howard Dean has started sprinkling Biblical references into his speeches.

The problem for Democrats on this point is twofold: one, they just don't seem credible. How can Howard Dean have any legitimate shot at this idea when he himself stated that he was tired of elections being about "guns, God and gays"? It is not enough to talk the talk of morals when you oppose internet restrictions on pornography and fight to have judges kept off the bench who would limit things like porn. I think Hillary is going to find out soon enough that her talk needs to be followed by deeds--actual, responsible, legislative deeds.

The second problem for Dems is that this approach might just fracture their loose coalition of voting interests.

But an online survey of 11,568 Dean supporters released earlier this month by the Pew Research Center found that such religious or culturally conservative appeals may not play well with liberal Democrats.

Among the Pew findings, 38 percent of Dean supporters polled said they had no religious affiliation, compared with 11 percent of all Americans; 91 percent supported same-sex "marriage," compared with 38 percent of all Democrats; and 80 percent said they were liberals, compared with 27 percent of all Democrats.

Now let's see them go out and talk the talk but then vote against the Protection of Marriage Amendment--or, better yet, vote FOR it. Yeah, I don't see that happening, either.

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