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Thank God They're On The Job

And, no, I'm not kidding here.

U.N. Passes Global Nuclear Terrorism Pact When I first saw this headline, it was on the FoxNews ticker across the bottom of the screen; it read "U.N. Outlaws Nuclear Terrorism." I'm thinking to myself "Really? Is nuclear terrorism really a bad thing?"

But it gets even more ridiculous.

After a seven-year struggle, the U.N. General Assembly adopted a global treaty Wednesday to prevent nuclear terrorism, making it a crime to possess radioactive material or weapons with the intention of committing a terrorist act.

Excuse me? SEVEN YEARS? It took seven years of haggling for the U.N. General Assembly to decide that nuclear terrorism is a bad thing?

In the meantime, the U.N. has been totally worthless at preventing the proliferation of nuclear capabilities to Iran and North Korea. But now that nuclear terrorism is forbidden by treaty, everything's gonna be alright.

And you thought the U.N. was a worthless, hyper-bureaucratic, and corrupt organization . . .

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