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Speaking of Temperament

How often in the last many weeks have we heard Democrats voice concern over somebody's "temperament"? Whether it was the judicial temperament of various Court appointments, or the diplomatic temperament of a certain nominee for U.N. Ambassador, the Democrats have recently made temperament into one of the noblest character qualities a person could possess.

So, what to make of Sen. Ken Salazar.

I spoke about Jim Dobson and his efforts and used the term 'the anti-Christ.' I regret having used that term. . .

Salazar added that his statement came after "being relentlessly attacked" in telephone calls, e-mails, newspapers and radio stations across Colorado.

Poor guy. Imagine that, running for high office, and being the subject of attacks. And, of all things, to come back by calling Focus on the Family "the Anti-Christ."

What does that say about the temperament of Ken Salazar?

And that would be one thing. But then to follow it with the worst apology EVER:

I meant to say this approach was un-Christian, meaning self-serving and selfish.

Oh, well . . . that's much better.

At this rate, if we can keep the pressure up, we ought to be able to get Salazar to completely crack by about the fourth year of his term.

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