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Sometimes I Just Couldn't Be Prouder To Be An Educator

"One nation, under 'your belief system.' "

Bailey said that guidance counselor Margo Lucero substituted the phrase for "under God" while leading the morning pledge at Everitt Middle School on Wednesday.

And educators often wonder why conservatives don't trust them with their children. Sheesh.

Obviously, the first issue with this is the complete inappropriateness of an adult in a position of trust using that trust to make a personal, political statement. And, for what it's worth, both th principal and the superintendant said the right things along those lines.

But, I think what bothers me most is the complete self-absorption of the type of person who would do this. That moment in the school day DOES NOT BELONG TO YOU. Have your beliefs, act on your beliefs in your personal life, but when you are on the taxpayers' dime, do your job and leave the rest out of it.

Lucero said she didn't intend to be offensive but rather wanted to mark the sixth anniversary of the Columbine High School slayings by evoking a sense of tolerance.

"Given the anniversary of Columbine, it was a spur-of-the- moment choice that I made, intended to acknowledge differences that lie in our society," Lucero said. "It's not a reflection of the district, and it was not my intention to offend anyone, rather to include (everyone)."
(emphasis mine)

And, once again, we are confronted with the illogic of the left. Statistically speaking, Christians make up the vast majority of the population. So could somebody please walk me through the logical calesthenics which leads someone to conclude that offending the majority is actually "inclusive"? What a load of crap. Somebody does not do that sort of thing--a thing which, by the way, should involve professional disciplinary action--without at least a minimal understanding that she is going to offend someone.

Of course, for someone of this persuasion (that is, radical leftist), those who are offended by such a thing are not intelligent enough to matter, so such offense is invalid. Did I mention arrogance as one of the issues at hand?

And, boy HOWDY, doesn't it make you proud when this is what gets the attention of the national news media, via the FOXNews Grapevine.

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