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Regarding Judges and the Filibuster

I'm as hacked off as anybody about the willingness of Senate Republicans to delay a confrontation over judicial filibusters. But I'm not as eloquent as Captain Ed, so I'll just direct everybody there for their dose of well-articulated fury.

On the other hand, stop to think a little bit. .. and I'm totally just speculating here. The MSM has had a steady, STEADY stream of news over the last several days pointing to Senators they think might cross over and vote to sustain the filibuster; the Senate Dems backed off a little bit today and confirmed one of the President's nominees; the rhetoric on the left has gotten increasingly shrill, including Babs Boxer pleading with newspaper editors to get involved and support the filibuster. Is it possible, just possible, that the Dems and their allies are doubling down their bets to take their BLUFF to the final chip on the table? I don't want to give too much credit, but the Dems are much better at wielding power than Republicans, and they also have proven to be better poker players. Tell me, if you had a losing hand, but you knew you couldn't fold because your funds would dry up, wouldn't you ride a bluff as far as you could and go down in glory? I would.

Especially if I thought the person across the table (Frist) had a bad poker face.

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