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On The WMD Thing

Many on the left have claimed that the end of the search for WMD in Iraq means that it's official: Bush lied. Some have even described the intelligence fiasco as "a high crime."

Not likely that those same people are going to bother to read this:

The CIA's chief weapons inspector said he cannot rule out the possibility that Iraqi weapons of mass destruction were secretly shipped to Syria before the March 2003 invasion, citing "sufficiently credible" evidence that WMDs may have been moved there. . .

"ISG was unable to complete its investigation and is unable to rule out the possibility that WMD was evacuated to Syria before the war," Mr. Duelfer said in a report posted on the CIA's Web site Monday night.
He cited some evidence of a transfer. "Whether Syria received military items from Iraq for safekeeping or other reasons has yet to be determined," he said. "There was evidence of a discussion of possible WMD collaboration initiated by a Syrian security officer, and ISG received information about movement of material out of Iraq, including the possibility that WMD was involved. In the judgment of the working group, these reports were sufficiently credible to merit further investigation."

Anybody else think it took Syria an unusual amount of time to clear out of the Bekaa Valley on their way home? Maybe it's just me.

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