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Ken Salazar Speaks On Judges

Here is a press release by Ken Salazar's office reporting a speech he made on the floor today.

Basically, what he says is "yesterday we passed somebody who nobody had any problems with to be a US District Judge--we should do that more. Oh, yeah--and don't do the 'nuclear option.'"

Obviously, it was a bit more fleshed out than that, but he really didn't say too much more than that. His point was that the Senate could get judges through, and that the people expected them to do the serious work of the country without having to shut down the Senate over judicial nominees.

I would suggest another thought: changing the rules of the Senate is the perogative of the majority; shutting down the Senate is truly "nuclear." If only some Republicans would get out there and start making a forceful and effective case that the option to change the rules has always been there and that the idea of shutting down the Senate over it is the aberrational escalation.

Oh, wait. . . did I ask for a "forceful and effective" Republican? Never mind.

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