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If It Weren’t So Sad. . .

It would be completely laughable.

Kofi Annan has penned an op-ed in today’s New York Times on the situation in Sudan. His concluding paragraph:

In this watershed year for Sudan, it is vital that the international community move speedily to provide the resources to consolidate a fragile peace in the south, and to protect civilians from recurring violence in Darfur. We know what we need: money to help win the peace in the south, more African Union boots on the ground to help end the atrocities in Darfur, and political pressure to settle the conflict. It's that simple, and that essential.

Interesting how, in the entire article calling on the international community to honor its pledges vis-à-vis Darfur, he fails to recognize or even mention the U.N.’s own record of atrocities in the refugee camps—-the rapes, the forced prostitution, the corruption.

I guess this would be a “credibility gap” sort of issue. Sheesh. It’s as if he’s writing to tell the world “We can’t handle this—-in fact, we’re making it worse. So it’s time for you guys to step up and help out.” Only he insists on doing it in a condescending way.

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