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And Now, Sports. . .

The Denver Nuggets actually are a real basketball team!! After years of fruitless rebuilding, things looked okay last year, only to fall apart in the first part of this year. Enter George Karl, start a 24-4 run to end the season, and the Nuggets find themselves in a playoff series against Tim Duncan and the Spurs. And, lo and behold, WE WON GAME ONE!! And, as they pointed out on the broadcast tonight, the team that wins game one wins 79% of seven-game series, so I'm optimistic.

The Broncos became the talk of the sports world by drafting Maurice Clarett with the last pick of the third round of the NFL draft. My take? Eh. You know, it was their third third-round pick, and I figure why not? It's certainly bold--kinda shootin' the moon. If it works, it's brilliant, if it doesn't, it's not very important. But, given Denver's recent record on running backs, it has the potential to be very good.

And the Rockies forgot the lessons of the past two days' victories by handing the ball over to a reliever today. After Brian Fuentes plunked the leadoff batter in the eighth on an 0-2 pitch, I shut it off--that bode very ill. And, true to form the next relievers came on and gave up 5 runs, and the Rockies lost after being ahead 5-3 in the eighth. Oh well--maybe the owners could threaten to move the franchise to Florida (anyone? anyone? dangling movie reference, anyone?)

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