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This One Would Get My Early Endorsement

From today's Rocky: A staffer from Congressman Bob Beauprez's 2004 campaign has registered the Web site www.beauprezforgovernor.com.

I spent many hours in the offices of Bob Beauprez's re-election campaign last Fall, and I met the man on several occasions. He's a good man, a smart man, and won what was supposed to be a highly contested race by 15 points. I think he would have not just a good chance to win, but would make an excellent Governor. Not to mention that he's got deep experience with the Colorado GOP, having been party chairman for a couple years.

Sure, it's early. But if we're going to hold the Governor's mansion, and do it in a way that might have coattails to regain the legislature, an early and obvious frontrunner would be a good thing.

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