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A Slap From A Normally Reliable Democratic Source

Tomorrow's WashPost Editorial Page takes a big swing at Congressional Democrats. Of course, it sideswipes the Republicans in the process, but it's a lot more forceful with the Democrats. A teaser, to draw you in:

But it's hard to take seriously the Democrats who say that Mr. Bush should switch focus from Social Security to the much bigger problem of Medicare: If they aren't willing to play a constructive role on the supposedly "minor" challenge of Social Security, why should anyone believe that they would behave constructively if the administration wanted to fix Medicare?

The nation faces a severe economic threat from the aging of its population combined with escalating health costs. The sooner it begins to grapple with this problem, the less painful the solution will be. For Mr. Bush, that would mean acknowledging the need for more revenue. For the Democrats, it would require for a smidgeon of honesty about Social Security's state.

I don't know if the ball is making its way down the field yet, but the field itself may be changing colors.

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