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Obstructionists Are We

From the Wash Post: President Bush's bid to add individual accounts to Social Security faces such formidable opposition in the Senate that its supporters may be unable to bring it to a vote, according to a Washington Post survey of senators.

An overwhelming majority of Democratic senators said they will oppose, under any circumstances, Bush's plan to allow younger workers to divert a portion of their Social Security payroll taxes into individual investment accounts that would follow them into retirement. . .

The Post survey of the Senate's 44 Democrats and one Democratic-leaning independent indicates there are at least 42 -- and perhaps 44 -- who firmly oppose personal investment accounts, particularly if they are financed with borrowed money.

So, they intend to filibuster judges, they've managed to block the energy plan for four years, and now they're looking at blocking the Social Security thing. At this point, if I were the President, I'd push hard on this--very hard, asking for everything--while telling weak-kneed GOP Senators to hold the line because they're never going to have to vote. Is there anything better politically for the GOP than an extended Dem blockage without voting on the agenda? They never seem to learn--a couple more seats in 2006 and this President can write his own legacy.

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