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No To Be Judgmental, But . . .

I have tried to be measured in my commentary regarding Michael Sciavo. I have no idea what the nature of their personal conversations were, I don't know his heart or mind, and I hesitate to be hard on a man in his circumstances. I have said that I think his motivations appear suspect, given his life since 1993, and I have prayed that he would reconsider the monstrosity he is visiting upon his "wife."

But after this story came out tonight, I might be less inclined to treat him at all charitably.

Paul O'Donnell, a Roman Catholic Franciscan monk, said the family unsuccessfully urged Michael Schiavo to allow his wife the sacrament of communion during the holiest feast of the Catholic year . . .

The family had asked for Schiavo, who cannot swallow, to have a minuscule piece of bread and a drop of wine placed in her mouth.
And he said no.

Not only would such complete fail to provide any "nourishment" to Terri's body, but denying her communion serves absolutely NO practical end. It is conceivable that denying this woman's body nourishment is in compliance with her wishes; it is absurd to think that denying this woman's soul any nourishment would be anything close to her wishes.

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