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Movie Review: Robots

Early this week I had the opportunity to take my daughters to see "Robots." By the way, in a later post I will discuss the perils of "dad" taking two young girls to the movies.

For the most part the movie was quite enjoyable. Nothing great, certainly not as compelling a story line as "Finding Nemo" or even "The Incredibles", but it was pretty entertaining. The best part of the movie proper, however, was the animation. There were genuinely dizzying scenes in the movie, ones that were reminiscent of the opening scenes of "The Fellowship of the Ring" for their ability to induce vertigo in the audience. And that was certainly enhanced by the big screen at Colorado Mills Theater. Beyond that, though, the characters were likable, though not particularly gripping, and the humor was mild, but never laugh-out-loud hilarious. I was disappointed that this kids movie felt the need to include a little crotch humor and what seems to be obligatory bodily noises humor.

I always take my guide in kids' movie reviews from my kids. The older one seemed mildly amused and entertained, but I don't think she'll be bugging me to buy the DVD any time soon; and the little one (age 3) was at least as interested in the "windows up there" (the projection room) as in the movie itself. So that's not a great sign, either.

On the big plus side, this was the first time I'd seen the trailer for "Star Wars Episode III--The Revenge of the Sith." This looks like one very cool movie!! If the story lives up to the visuals that the trailer had, it could be the best since "The Empire Strikes Back." It also seems to have much of the darkness and hidden menace that made Episode V the most compelling of the first trilogy.

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