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Maybe It's Not Just Us

or, Maybe This Guy's Just A Great Big Jerk.

Chirac Betrays Blair On Britain's Rebate

Tony Blair was humiliated yesterday when Jacques Chirac attacked Britain's £3 billion EU rebate hours after the Prime Minister had come to his aid in a row over economic reform.

In the latest clash between the leaders, the French president pocketed a deal designed to help him win a Yes vote in France's referendum on the EU constitution on May 29.

But instead of repaying the Prime Minister by avoiding sensitive issues before a likely May election in Britain, he went out of his way to complain about the rebate Margaret Thatcher won in 1984.

He launched his attack - in response to a question about the shape of the budget from 2007 to 2013 - during a press conference soon after Mr Blair left an EU summit in Brussels.

So not only does Chirac repay a major political favor with a knife in the back; not only does he wait until Blair leaves the summit and can't defend himself; but the issue itself is OVER TWENTY YEARS OLD!

Again, to quote Dennis Miller, F&^#*!^ Frogs!

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