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I'd Have Just Kept This To Myself

First, the headline (which has managed to make both the Michael Medved show and FoxNews' Special Report): GOP aide ousted three--
At Bush speech, they were told man was with Secret Service

Okay. Fine. Then there's the first paragraph:

A Republican Party staffer dressed like a Secret Service agent forcibly removed three people from President Bush's speech in Denver last week after they arrived in a car with a "No more blood for oil" bumper sticker.

Now let's read down a little and find the facts.

The three people said the man wore a lapel pin and an earpiece, and they were told he was with the Secret Service. Great, BUT. . . At the metal detector, a man checked the women's drivers' licenses against a paper, then asked them to stand aside.

Another man wearing a smiley-face tie said, "'We're waiting for the Secret Service to come and talk to you.' And then this guy comes," said Weise.

He was dressed in a dark suit, with an earpiece and a red lapel pin, Bauer said. "He said, 'You two have been ID'd, and if you have any ill intention, you will be arrested and jailed."

And further: Secret Service spokesman Tom Mazur said that a real Secret Service agent would have identified himself as an agent. But he added, "It's my understanding there was no impersonation. No one ever identified himself as a Secret Service agent."

AHA!!! So this guy in a nice suit with a oh-so-rare and special lapel pin and Mon Dieu!! an earpiece (probably listening to Hugh Hewitt) came up and asked them to leave.

Why, this impersonation has all the sophistication of Clark Kent's reading glasses!! No wonder they were fooled!! And one of them is a lawyer--you'd think she'd be really easily fooled by this Wonder Woman-esque subterfuge!! I should be careful around intelligence of this keenness--my height alone might get me confused for Bruce Lee, and suddenly I'd have a lawsuit for making threatening "WHOOPAHH" sounds. And, for gosh sakes! Jared should stay away from these people--He might get mistaken for AquaMan, and then he'll have an ESA lawsuit to deal with.

Yeah--if it was me, and I'd been duped this easily, I think I might just shut up about the whole thing.

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