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Gov. Owens Showing Party Leadership?

The budget compromise struck between the Governor and the statehouse Dems passed its first floor vote in the House yesterday. This, in itself isn't news; first readings are often formalities. Several major Republicans did not vote yes on the plan though--that also isn't news.

Gov. Owens responded to those Republican defectors with a personal slap in the face. That is news:

When the next volume of Profiles in Courage is written, there won't be a chapter about Joe Stengel," Owens said. "I was amazed. He knew exactly what was in it. There were no surprises."

Surprise or no, it seems counterintuitive that a personal attack on part of the leadership of a party that Owens is trying to rebuild would do anything to strengthen the party for the future. And a few pretty important details were left out of the discussion:

Stengel and other GOP opponents of the plan, including Sen. Tom Wiens, R-Castle Rock, and Sen. John Evans, R-Parker, voted for more expensive budget bills last year. One would have asked voters to forgo eight years of refunds . . .

Evans and others defended their votes during the Senate debate, saying they were part of packages that included changes to Amendment 23, which mandates spending increases on K-12 education. Owens on Wednesday called those proposed changes "cosmetic."

The current plan doesn't touch Amendment 23.

And let's remember, everyone, this compromise, and the legislation that follows it, are only designed to get a measure on the ballot in the Fall. If the voters reject this, it doesn't matter what the margin is at the StateHouse. And personal attacks of this sort are hardly the way the garner the broad base of support to get this thing passed.

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