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Even When They're The Only Ones Voting

There must be some sort of a pathological handicap within the ranks of the Democratic Party. Remember in 2000 when the ballots in Florida were too difficult to comprehend? And how about all the bizarre conspiracy theories that the electronic voting machines are too susceptible to hacking (ahem, Mrs. Heinz-Kerry, call your office). Well, it turns out they can't even vote right within their own ranks.

Four of the seven people who tried to vote by proxy for Chris Gates to continue as chairman of the state Democratic Party have complained to national party headquarters that their votes weren't counted.

Gates lost to Pat Waak 187-184.

"I have been advised my vote was not valid and was not counted," Cheyenne County party vice chairman Victor Weed told national party headquarters in a handwritten note. "Since I followed what I thought was proper procedure, this is extremely disappointing," Weed wrote.

Waak declined to respond to the complaints.

Colorado Democratic Party staffers said in a statement after the March 5 election that they believe procedures followed that day affected the outcome. They said that more proxy votes came from rural counties than expected and that volunteers did not efficiently search for people in attendance to cast those proxy votes.

Proxy ballot. . . I wonder if that's like a provsional ballot? Maybe they tried to register to vote on the day of, and then gave their ballot to someone who just. . .

Or perhaps the Dems ought to clue in to how to cast a ballot and stop constantly whining about the system whenever things don't go quite their way.

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