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CD7 Race Taking Shape

According to today's Rocky, the Democrats are starting to line up to challenge for Bob Beauprez's 7th Congressional Seat.

Joanna Conti on Monday became the first of what's expected to be a steady stream of Democrats mounting a challenge for the 7th Congressional District seat held by Republican Bob Beauprez.

Nearly 20 months before the 2006 general election, Conti announced her candidacy at an elementary school in Lakewood.
Other Democrats eyeing the seat are former legislators Peggy Lamm and Renny Fagan.

Another Democrat, banker Jim Polsfut, went as far as setting up an exploratory committee over the weekend to assess a possible run.

If, as is widely reported, Bob vacates that seat to run for Governor, the 7th could have a repeat of the 2000 election, in which Bob beat Mike Feeley by only 121 votes (or so). It also opens up the real possibility that Colorado could send a congressional delegation back to Washington made up of 5 Dems and 4 Republicans. Shudder.

Still, if this is the field they intend to run, the 7th is far from a lost cause.

But [Amy]Walter [Cook Political Report] said the current and prospective pool of Democrats may not be well-connected enough to beat Beauprez.

"I doubt there is much residual name recognition there. None are starting out with an obvious advantage," she said.

Of course, the same could be said of the GOP. In my immediate area, the only currently elected person who comes to mind is state Rep Bill Crane--the rest of the seats in my area are all Dem. That doesn't bode too well for the GOP, either.

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