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Um. . .This Just In??

The WaPo is at its perceptive best as it reports that Iraqis' attitudes towards the insurgency seems to be shifting a bit.

With a hero who gave his life for the elections, a revived national anthem blaring from car stereos and a greater willingness to help police, the public mood appears to be moving more clearly against the insurgency in Iraq, political and security officials said.

In the week since national elections, police officers and Iraqi National Guardsmen said they have received more tips from the public, resulting in more arrests and greater effectiveness in their efforts to weaken the violent insurgency rocking the country.

I wonder if the Dem chorus of "yeah, but. . . " is going to come to realize what everybody else seems to already have recognized--last weekend's vote was a seminal moment.

Now, if only we could get Ted Kennedy to shift his attitude.

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