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This Sounds Like An Endorsement of Vouchers

And from a surprising source: the editorial page of the London Daily Telegraph.

Governments always try to raise school standards through Whitehall schemes: the national curriculum, admissions policies, literacy hours, examinations. All have failed, because no secretary of state, however pure her motives, can thrust her hand into every classroom in the land. The one thing that has not been tried is giving parents the wherewithal to pay for their children's education, and letting the schools compete for custom. Teachers would then be judged, not by their pupils, nor by an inspectorate, but by their prospective clients. Bureaucracy would fall away, good schools would expand and standards would rise. It has worked in every other field. Surely it's worth a try.

Sure, you have to fish through the British-isms a bit. But in the end, this paper across the pond thinks that the shortest road to effective school reforms is to open the schools up to the market place. And expressing such thought with a distinctly British eloquence.

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