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More Iraqi Terrorism

Eight suicide bombers struck in quick succession Saturday in a wave of attacks that killed 55 people as Iraqi Shiites marched and lashed themselves with chains in ritual mourning of the 7th century death of a leader of their Muslim sect. Ninety-one people have been killed in violence in the past two days.

Is it not clear to EVERYBODY now that the terrorists have no interest in genuine Jihad; there is not even a serious attempt anymore to strike at the American presence in Iraq. Rather, these vicious cowards are driving all of the hatred, all of the ire, and all of their frustration at the most helpless possible victims. If there is any comfort, it is that these victims were sent to Allah while they worshiped. I cannot imagine any deity--even in a Roman, Viking, or Mayan sense--granting credit or glory in the afterlife for acts such as these. And I am quite certain the God I worship, the one true God, has no place for these cowards in His kingdom, and quite a special place for them in Hell.

Still, their failures are becoming noticable:

For the second year running, insurgent attacks shattered the commemoration of Ashoura, the holiest day of the Shiite religious calendar, but the violence produced a significantly smaller death toll than the 181 killed in twin bombings in Baghdad and the holy city of Karbala a year ago.

Couple this with the two arrests announced today, and it becomes clear that it is only a matter of time for the "insurgency."

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