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Just To Keep Perspective

Yes, the MSM has been quick to remind us that this is just the first step in the process, and that the Iraqis have yet to prove their ability to write a constitution that guarantees rights for minorities, and form a government, and so on.

It would be funny to see how these guys would have covered the first 12 years of this country.

Well, yes, Dan, the Continental Army seems to be poorly supplied, has not planned very well for this military effort against the British, and have had to beg the French for support. . .

So, the British have left now, but it remains to be seen whether this experiment in governance can get a foothold on this continent. With all the factions and in-fighting, it's hard to imagine a scenario where this will end as the optimists say it will. . .

Tom, it's been five years since the Continental Congress was formed, and they still haven't retired the national debt, and seem to have very little plan for enforcing national levies. . .

So, from outside Convention Hall in Philadelphia, where the leading lights of American government have been debating for two months without anything to show for it, I'm Kat Scratch--back to you, Peter. . .

So finally, eleven years after declaring independence, and after three months of secretive debate, the Convention has published the results of its deliberations. And after all that, they still had three members who were unwilling to sign on to the document. It would appear this new Constitution has a long road to becoming a reality, after these first small steps in what everybody hopes, is the right direction.

Just my impression.

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