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Is Our Best Ally In Trouble?

Tony Blair seems to be striking a ridiculously humble approach to the British electorate in his be for re-election a few months hence.

Tony Blair admitted yesterday that he became arrogant in his first seven years as Prime Minister as he began a personal campaign to regain the trust of voters in time for the general election. . .

Striking a deliberately humble tone, he said he had learned over the past year, by going out and discussing issues with the people, how "tough" life was for most of them. He realised that his success as a politician depended on a blend of "listening and learning".

Pursuing the new self-critical approach, he said: "I understand why some people feel angry - not just over Iraq but many of the difficult decisions we have made," he told delegates. "And, as ever, a lot of it is about me."

This is not the bold, forceful leadership we in the States so valued in this man over the last four years. I would be sad to see this important ally reduced--it seems obvious that even victory would bring about a weakening of his leadership.

On the other hand, defeat for Tony Blair most likely means a Tory victory--a conservative victory. This would be startling, and perhaps a very good thing for Europe.

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