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As Much In What They Don't Cover . . .

This story about Benan Sevon blocking a U.N. audit broke about five hours ago. In my mind, this is a pretty significant story, certainly the sort of thing worthy of a headline in the International News section of a newspaper.

And yet, looking at the online sites, there is precious little coverage of the story. The MSNBC website has no link to it. The WashTimes has the link above, in a fairly easy-to-find place on their website. The NewYorkTimes has a link, but it's well down the page and not anywhere you would see it if you weren't looking for it. USAToday has no link (though it does have a whole section devoted to the North Korea "crisis"). The WaPost has no link to be found. Even the London Daily Telegraph is link-empty. FoxNews, of course, has the link.

You would think, given the surprise factor of Eason Jordan's resignation, that newspapers would try to be as quick to get news out there as they could be, if for no other reason than to pretend to be credible.

By the way, if the head of the OFF both benefitted personally from the program and blocked UN internal audits of the program, this is a much bigger scandal than anything Enron perpetrated.

Captain Ed has some excellent analysis up already.

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