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Almost Graceful

From the Wash Times:

Former President Jimmy Carter, who predicted that elections in Iraq would fail and in the past year described the Bush administration's policy there as a quagmire, this week ended 10 days of silence to declare the historic Iraqi vote "a very successful effort."
"I hope that we'll have every success in Iraq," Mr. Carter said in a CNN interview. "And that election, I think, was a surprisingly good step forward."

As I ws reading this, I couldn't help but picture the Fonz. "I was wwr...w..wu...wr... I'm s..s..s.. sor. . .so..s..."

You would think he'd find a way to be more garacious about this, given that his one "achievement" of his life has come completely unraveled now that Pyongyang has claimed to have nuclear weapons.

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