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Would They Really Do This?

Of course, if you have to ask, you already know the answer.

Captain Ed has an excellent discussion of the just released analysis of what went wrong with the exit polling. One of the key points:

They also found suggestions that interviewers may not have carefully followed rules for selecting voters at random, which may have skewed results.

This is followed by this point of analysis found over at Powerline:

The pollsters whose results were most off-target were young and had advanced degrees. Which makes one wonder whether liberal groups like MoveOn.org and ACT got their people hired as exit pollsters for the purpose of distorting the early results and thereby depressing Republican turnout.

So, of course, you ask yourself "would they really do that?" To which the answer is "Of course they would. If they can invent several hundred ballots weeks after the election is over in Washington state, why wouldn't they try to skew an early exit polling sample?"

And here there was this big hubbub about how the networks and pollsters were going to do it right this time and avoid influencing the election like they did in 2000. Fat chance. As long as there's an opportunity to game the system, you'd better believe the Democrats will play.

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