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Weak-Kneed Senators

This from MSNBC:

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee voted Wednesday to approve Condoleezza Rice’s nomination to be secretary of state, but after two days of strenuous questioning on the Bush administration’s handling of Iraq, Democrats planned to delay her widely expected confirmation by the full Senate, NBC News has learned. . .

Rice’s quick confirmation by the full Senate on Thursday had been considered a formality, but Democrats who opposed the nomination were in negotiations with Senate leaders for a full floor debate and a roll-call vote. With most senators attending events surrounding Bush’s inauguration Thursday, those demands could delay Rice’s confirmation into next week, NBC News’ Ken Strickland reported.

Note to Bill Frist--your answer in these "negotiations" should be one word: NUTS!

I swear, what good is it to have a majority if you have know idea how to wield your power? If we learned nothing from Trent Lott's brief and inglorious time as Senate Majority Leader it's that no good deed goes unpunished.

Frist should tell Reid to get on the floor and vote, or resort to a filibuster--let's see how it goes over to filibuster a black woman nominee to SecState.

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