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So Much For The EU Superstate

From the Saturday London Telegraph:

Voters would reject the European constitution by a margin of two to one, according to the first poll to use the question the Government has chosen to put to the country.

A survey conducted since the wording was published on Wednesday suggests that 45 per cent of the public would vote against the constitution, with only 24 per cent in favour.

Which, of course, brings up the question of how effective or important will the European Union be without England? I think it's fair to assume that it would be significantly, if not hopelessly, crippled as a unified force to counter-balance America. It's not as if France, Germany, Russia, and much else of Europe is already speaking with one anti-American voice already. An EU without England would just be . . well. . .the U.N. Pointless, leftist, and corrupt.

The one downside to this would be that a defeat of this referendum would be seen as a major blow to Tony Blair. Even though Blair is fairly leftist, he has been a bold and courageous ally in the War on Terror, and I would be disappointed to see him defeated. On the other hand, that might leave an opening for the Tories to come back to power, which might be even better for our interests.

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