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OJO opines today on judicial filibusters, and the impending confrontation about them.

It's been a long time coming, but we now have an approximate date for a confrontation in the Senate on judicial nominations. Majority Leader Bill Frist has announced that if Democrats filibuster the nominations he expects to bring to the floor next month, he'll take action.

It's possible Mr. Frist won't have to pull this trigger, or at least he won't if his 55 Republicans hold firm. It hasn't escaped the notice of the 17 Democrats up for re-election in 2006 that obstruction of Mr. Bush's judicial picks was one reason Tom Daschle was defeated last November. Colorado's newly elected Democrat, Ken Salazar, has said he hopes all nominees get an up-or-down vote.

I would say holding Republicans firm is a mighty big “if”, but if Frist can pull this off, he should be considered a front-runner for 2008. There is no bigger issue, save the War on Terror, than the Judiciary, and it’s about time a Republican started showing a little leadership to get good people on the bench.

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