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Iraqis Are Voting

As of this writing, the polls in Iraq have been open for about 3 hours and 45 minutes. And so far, the turnout seems pretty strong, and the warnings of major attacks have not come to pass.

By my informal tally, there have been seven attacks on polling places, with (relatively)minimal casualties. Not to diminish the significanc of even one death over this, but the fact that, so far, the casualty count is still in the single digits is significant. And when you weigh that against the outright glee with which you see Iraqis casting their ballots, you can conclude nothing but that this is HUGE!

Stay posted. . . of course, everything can change in a moment. The polls will be closing at about 7am Denver time, so by the time I'm able to see straight to read a news article, we'll know what the bottom line is on all this.

I wonder which of the Democrats will be the first one to come out and congratulate the Bush administration for its steadiness and persistence in seeing this come off. You know, John Kerry has a great chance to be a little gracious--he's on Meet the Press in the morning.

Anybody want to lay odds?

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