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I Know It Went To Press Early. . .

but there was enough info out by press time that you would have thought the Denver Post could have gotten a LITTLE accurate information out on this historic day.

But, no. The front page story is from Dexter Filkins of the New York Times, and the first four paragraphs are all about the minor attacks of the day before the elections and the attacks in the wee hours of the voting. They could get that thing in about the wee hours explosions, but not about the joyful turnout. . .huh.

Then turn to pages 12A and 13A for the full coverage, and the whole page is NYTimes folks prognosticating and skepticizing (yeah, I just made up that word). Here are the column titles: Vote Divides Iraqis Who Yearn For Democracy; Women's Vote Remains The Great Unknown; Voter Turnout Difficult To Gauge; and U.S.Troops Hope Elections Are Another Step Toward Returning Home.

I wonder if tomorrow's coverage will be accurately reflective of the positive results from today.

You know, you have to wonder, if somebody didn't have a TV and just got their news about the Iraqi elections from the newspaper, what exactly would they think happened?

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