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Final Thoughts

Now that I've had 24 to let the taste of the Inaugural Address settle in, and I've heard the thoughts of a large portion of the punditry, I thought I'd chime in one more time.

I still love this speech. It was honest, sincere, ambitious, clear, and powerful. This President is not a man to look at little problems and look for little solutions; clearly, it is now his goal to transform the world we live in.

Stylistically, I like it even better. In that it rings with the echoes of the past--from Eisenhower and Kennedy to Reagan and Lincoln--it gives due respect to the accomplishment of this country; in what it calls upon Americans to do for their futures it reaches for greatness, and commands a generation and the generations to come to listen to its insistent demand to spread freedom. This is one for the History books.

And even better if he's able to accomplish even one-tenth what he set out to do.

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