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Can Somebody Explain This Babble From Inside The Bubble

From today's Washington Post lead editorial:

Analysts who reduce the war in Iraq to a nationalist "resistance" against a U.S. occupation should be pressed to explain the events of the past couple of weeks: the brutal murders of election officials; the bombings of schools where voting was due; the bloodcurdling threats against those who approached the polls -- and the extraordinarily courageous response by tens of thousands of Iraqis who presented themselves as candidates or volunteered as poll workers.

Is the WaPo saying that the terrorists are more than a "nationalist resistance," somehow more significant or representative of Iraqis? Or are they saying that the Iraqis are showing great courage in the face of a minor uprising?

Or is it a deliberately misleading line which is designed to diminish both the innate desire for freedom as expressed by the Iraqi voters and the accomplishment of the American military and diplomatic corps who have put up with great resistance--both in Iraq and America--to bring this day o pass.

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